Blue Snowball iCE Mic: A to Z review

Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone

Before starting the review of Blue Snowball iCE Mic let me tell you whether you should go further with my review or just stop at the intro part because I don’t want you to waste your time. Blue Snowball iCE Mic is for someone who is about to start recording or any other audio task. I mean, if you are someone who is looking for a mic to start your project at a great price, basically in the learning process then the mic is for you and so is the review. This is also true that people with vast technical knowledge of microphones can use Blue Snowball iCE Mic for wide projects as well.

Why isn’t the Blue Snowball iCE Mic perfect for a big project?

Cardioid polar pattern

Well, to be specific, this mic does not come up with multiple mic pickup patterns. It is a cardioid-only option. Having a solo pickup pattern will not give you an omnidirectional advantage. This is why you will not be able to record more than one voice at a time. Now think, is it possible to cover a big project with this mic?? But if you don’t need that facility as you are a Youtuber, a podcaster, or even a singer,  Blue Snowball iCE Mic will shine like a beacon in the sea of woods for you I can guarantee.

Let’s have a look at some common user questions that I am going to answer shortly with a proper solution at the end of my review…. 

If those answers are enough, you can jump over skipping our experience with the mic.

  • What are the differences between Blue Snowball regular and Blue Snowball iCE??
  • Is this mic only USB?? Any optional XLR/audio input cable included ??
  • Does it need a pop filter???
  • Is it compatible with PS4 or Xbox??

Let’s share our user experiences of Blue Snowball iCE Mic first…

Best Quality at this price 

First of all, a microphone with great quality at this price is kind of impossible to get. Blue is one of the biggest names in the realm of microphones. It has a great brand value and $50 is a great deal with them for a microphone like Blue Snowball iCE Mic. On that point, we can say this is probably hands down one of the greatest microphones for the money.

Easy to use (from inside)

Very easy to set up, comes up with a plug-n-play technology. It is basically designed to work with any software or any computers so that you can remain hassle-free. Even It does not need any type of driver. This is perhaps cool for many of you but I like to have a driver personally. So this part didn’t attract me that way. 🙁 As a whole, this mic is without any complication and you need not struggle even if it’s your first mic. Simply mount it on the included adjustable stand, plug the USB cable into your Mac or PC, and all ok!!. You’re ready to sit back and start recording for any project.

adjustable stand

Easy to use (from outside)

Blue Snowball iCE is also user-friendly as a product/material. The stand is stunning. I don’t know why some people find problems with it, I will give the stand a full mark. The feet are made of rubber so it doesn’t scratch up your table. What else do you want it to do, perform backflips? 😀 The legs are made of good quality steel and the body is made out of thick plastic. Overall It will give you much comfort while using. The ball core is also like a nice creature. I don’t know why it looks like an alien to me 😀

Sound picking quality of Snowball iCE

Not each microphone (whether it is so expensive or cheap) can pick up your voice correctly. One of my friends still shouts every day with his $500 microphone as her machine does not pick her voice correctly. When she speaks low, it fades out, then she goes high, it cuts out 😀 It is really painful for a singer or a podcaster. Blue Snowball iCE quite contrary catches everything you say without picking up weird background humming and thus gives you a very clear and crisp sounding voice. We also found this instrument one of the best we’ve messed around with while dabbling…

skype and discord certified

Skype and Discord certified 

I am not a big fan of certification let alone for this microphone. Ya, this microphone is really good for voice-over-internet. You’ll be heard loud and clear. You need not be so close to the mic which helps you to focus. The size of the mic is also good to handle.

Let’s answer those questions…

What are the differences between Blue Snowball regular and Blue Snowball iCE??

blue snowball
Blue Snowball Mic

Basically, they are two brothers!! In this family, the elder brother Blue Snowball has an extra polar pattern which makes him an expert for cardioid and omnidirectional.  On the contrary, the younger brother Blue Snowball iCE has a cardioid option only. As a result, the big brother costs $15-$20 more than the younger ones. Their father BLUE made the big bro a ‘professional-quality option’’ and the younger bro a ‘basic quality!!!!

Is this mic only USB?? Any optional XLR/audio input cable included ??

YES!!!! It is a USB-only microphone…I would suggest you buy an extra USB hub for a better experience.

Does it need a pop filter???

NO!!! It is absolutely unnecessary unless you want to spend money. I did not feel any need of a pop filter while using  🙂

Is it compatible with PS4 or Xbox??

There were some issues with older editions but now it’s okay!!!!!!!


featured image for best condenser microphone

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Snowball iCE.But if I were a person who intends to start something I would never think twice before taking this microphone. It is affordable, gives great quality sound, and most importantly it is very easy to set up!! What else a newbie needs???? 

If you want to have a look at other budget friendly condenser mics like Blue Snowball iCE , we have a quality review here

Finally, I would say Blue Snowball iCE is a $50 microphone that has won a great position in the market and our Editor’s choice as well………….

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