Wireless Bluetooth Microphone: Recording and Karaoke

There was a time when wire used to be a very important element for humans. But now??? Now people want to get rid of it. We want almost everything wireless. Ya, Obviously wire makes a lot of hassle in everything, and instead, we have options to be wireless nowadays. Why would we be perplexed??? In the past, an anchor or singer had to manage a lot of wire on the stage while singing or hosting. That was not cool at all. Sometimes it was really messy. Here comes the importance of Wireless Bluetooth Microphones.

A wireless microphone system is a set of components that allows performers, musicians, speakers, content creators, interviewers/interviewees, actors/actresses to move freely around indoor and outdoor spaces without the hassle of long cables for audio signals. For gathering news, sports shows broadcasting, concerts, theater, music, conferences, weddings, film production, and all, the wireless audio system plays a vital role in capturing voices, instruments, sound effects, and ambiance.

Enough for an intro, I guess. Let’s move to our top picks…

I have two lists for you. One is of the Wireless Bluetooth Microphone those are used only for singing purpose or we can mark as karaoke mics. 

Another list is for the rest of the jobs like recording voice, youtube vlogging, Facebook live, conferences, hosting programs, etc. I had to make two lists because it does not look so good to attend a conference or a virtual meeting or Facebook live program holding a fancy karaoke mic, does it??? 😀 Jokes apart, my review is going to give you the best choices from the market I can make sure and you will be able to make a decision I hope…

Let’s have a look at the list first……

Wireless Bluetooth Microphones: Karaoke version

  • Bieturn Wireless Bluetooth Microphone.
  • BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
  • Kithouse K380A Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
  • Kithouse S9 UHF Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
  • ShinePick Wireless 4 in 1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Microphones: Recording Version 

  • Lewinner Wireless Lavalier Bluetooth Microphone
  • ZealSound Lapel Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
  • SabineTek SmartMike+
  • SabineTek AudioWo

Bieturn Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

This mic has a great reputation among the users for producing great quality sound and covering a good range of distance. The microphone connection distance is approximately 160feet (50M). Bluetooth 4.2 connection distance is 10M. It comes up with_

bieturn Wireless bluetooth microphone

●Signal stability

●No delay



●Constant frequency 

Oh, you will get two microphones, Yes!!! It is two handheld wireless Bluetooth microphone. You can do anything you want. Each of the microphones is individually well controlled I must say, as some like more echo, bass, treble, some like less. Everyone can make their own adjustments.

It allows singers to connect from their phone/tablet and cast sound through their tv sound system without a karaoke CD-g player. Karaoke songs with lyrics are offered on YouTube free, and this setup will give the advantage to be heard as you sing along to your favorite songs. It has multiple cables of different specifications to connect multiple media devices in the package set like iPhone, TV boxes, PC, amplifiers, speakers, multi-media equipment, laptop, guitar speaker for karaoke, family parties, singing, youtube, live, Tiktok, speech contest, conference, church, wedding host, Car audio system, etc.


Although this mic is a good choice it has only one grievance: volume output should have been better.

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Most people face a common problem while singing on a karaoke microphone that is breathing sound noise!! Obviously, not everyone who wishes to sing on a microphone is a pro. Additionally, there is airflow noise that makes a recording sounds daunting. This microphone comes up with a superb solution to these problems. It has three layers of filter head which can greatly reduce the noises. It also has a denoising technology that filters airflow and wind noise perfectly. As a whole, you can have a noise-free experience with a lot of other features with BONAK Wireless Bluetooth Microphone.

The Speakers in the microphone are awesome. And the sound quality is improved by 30% with the Update Bass Diaphragm Cavity, which gives you a stronger shock and heavier sense.

It has two modes: cable and BlueTooth and you will get a professional mixer along so that you can switch easily without any hassle.

Let me give you some unofficial personal review, It is a fantastic-looking toy trust me!! If you have any plan to buy for the junior member of your home just take… The champs are going to love it….

Cons: Though I love this product so much still it is my duty to tell you the bad side also…I think BONAK should have given a better speaker to get a louder sound..

Kithouse K380A

Kithouse K380A

Let me introduce an all-rounder to you. It is Kithouse K380A!!!! I have honored this wireless Bluetooth microphone calling an all-rounder because it has the ability to prove its excellence everywhere. This dual UHF wireless microphone is perfect for Karaoke, Speech, Meeting, Performance, Indoor or Outdoor. The clarity, range, and frequency response (55-18khz) is also awesome! It is very to connect to the receiver and speaker. With the built-in 2 x AA rechargeable Lithium battery, it has a pretty long life. Runs perfectly with the Pyle professional powered amplifier & Bluetooth receiver stereo studio system..

It is a cheap mic having everything perfectly. I think this mic worth 100$ honestly if I compare other 100$ mics.If you are looking for a microphone for various purposes go for it. Kithouse k380A.

Cons: There is no way for a product to be with a zero issue. I feel a lacking of a capsule isolator in this mic.. 🙁

Kithouse S9 UHF

Kithouse S9 UHF

This is the elder brother of Kithouse K380A with some extra features. It is rechargeable which makes it out of the crowd!! Perhaps it is the cheapest rechargeable mic in the market right…Obviously, I am comparing with A-class mics. It comes with a built-in Lithium Battery – No need to buy batteries(DC 5V charging; charging time about 3-4 hours; working time about 6 hours). There are two ways for Output: 1/4″(6.35mm) or 1/8″(3.5mm) Jack output.with a good range max up to 200 feet you can use it freely. Another three amazing features I must mention_

  • Adjustable Echo Effect.
  • Mic A, Mic B Volum Control.
  • Bluetooth Music Volum Control.

Cons: Although this mic is the best value for the price and almost everything is so perfect, Kithouse should have focused on the compatibility with a mixer ( it is not a problem actually)

ShinePick Wireless 4 in 1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone.

This is a fancy type karaoke microphone, not a professional one as one can see by the price. For whatever, it has a terrific value! Comes up with an amazing voice-changing fun feature which is really great for kids of all ages. There is also an echo feature attached for singing teens and adults as well. This feature gives your voice an extra coolness! Near to professional!

ShinePick Wireless 4 in 1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone.

The external look is so pretty and comes with a gifting box. It has a flash light feature when music is on. Works great with Alexia. You don’t need to plug it into something as it is freestanding. Has a long life battery life that recharges so fast. It does work well, you just have to be careful you don’t break the charging hole by cramming it in wrong.

Multifunctional buttons are available that control music, echo, and volume easily. Two-way connection facility and TF card supported. You can switch the wireless mode into selfie mode that enables you to take photos…. Amazing !! Isn’t it ????

Apart from all the technical features, I am personally a big fan of this mic. This a cute little pie with an unbelievable price tag…

Cons: Option buttons should have been better.  🙂

Wireless Bluetooth Microphones: Recording Version

Lewinner Wireless Lavalier Bluetooth Microphone

– Designed perfectly for Vloggers, Bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Interviewers, and other video recording lovers. Just connect your Smartphone with it via Bluetooth and all ok!!

Lewinner Wireless Lavalier Bluetooth Microphone

– Advance Multi-level Noise Cancellation Tech: built-in 6mm ECM high sensitivity microphone, Bluetooth Qualcomm Chipset, SWISS Intelligent Algorithm, and the supplementary Smartmike + app with a noise reduction function.

-Bluetooth 5.0 & Powered By SabineTek: easy to connect the Bluetooth and cover 50 feet for the signal. Compatible with all smartphones.

– Battery: 10mAh high-quality lithium battery, up to 6 hours back up.

-Performance:48kHz/16 bit Stereo CD, Support Multi-Channel Real-Time Mixing, can synchronize the background music for phone and human voice in real-time.

This microphone will make you satisfied with its premium features and its great look as well….

ZealSound Lapel

ZealSound Lapel
  • An ideal microphone for Vloggers, Bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Interviewers, Content Creators, and video recording lovers.
  • Generate high-quality audio anytime and anywhere.
  • Advance Multi-level Noise Cancellation Tech: come with a professional MFI certified wireless lavalier microphone system, built-in 6mm ECM high sensitivity microphone. Bluetooth Qualcomm Chipset, SWISS Intelligent Algorithm, and the supplementary Smartmike+ app which has a noise reduction function.
  • Stereo: has professional full-band audio 48kHz Stereo CD quality; supports multichannel real-time Mixing, can synchronize the background music for phone and human voice in real-time. 2) 
  • SmartMike+ app: Auto transcription (Beta); real-time subtitle auto-sync technology, makes the video post-editing easier. Parameter, Aspect ratio, and filters adjustment, professional setup.
  • Bluetooth: Comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 version, a longer Bluetooth distance that covers 98 feet, and even longer in an open place.
  • Battery Life: long life up to 6 hours!
  • Portable: It’s 14g lightweight with a cool storage case that makes it easy to carry around.
  • Versatility: Support Files to share or upload to other platforms.

Cons: You can not use this wireless Bluetooth microphone with other Apps let alone ZOOM and SmartMike+!! If you can consider that it is pretty amazing wireless Bluetooth microphone.

SabineTek SmartMike+

SabineTek SmartMike+
  • Designed for audio-video recording, speech recognition & subtitle transcription, edit subtitles, and music. It is also perfect for online classes, zoom meetings, interviews, creating video content, tutorial videos, gaming, and YouTube recording (via SmartMike+ app).
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.0, easy to connect and covers 50feet for the Bluetooth signal. Works with any of your smartphones (iPhone, Android), iPad.
  • Advanced Multi-level Noise Cancellation: It has an embedded intelligent algorithm, can record optimum acoustics by reducing sounds like wind or background noises. Has multi-level noise canceling, restores the most authentic sound, and thus provides high-quality audio for speech recognition.
  •  Clip and Go: It very cute mini metal clip that allows you to easily clip it to your collar or pocket. Compact and lightweight design(weight: 15.6g, size:2.3’’ x 0.4’’ x 0.6’’).
  • Battery: It is equipped with a 110mAh high-quality lithium battery that enables more than 6 hours of battery life after being charged fully.
  • Auto syncs feature.
  • Recognize language and add a subtitle: auto transcription!!! Record & mix multi-channel audio

Cons: Buy this wireless Bluetooth microphone only if you are satisfied with the SmartMike+ app. Otherwise, I will strongly recommend you not to buy these.. Also, you have to buy another plugs for your computer as a receiver which is not cool… 🙁

SabineTek AudioWo

SabineTek AudioWo
  • Ultra-Compact Wireless Audio Studio: It is actually a studio console in a matchbox size (15g, 1.77 x 1.06 x 0.47 in). Having built-in DSP, equalizer, sound changer, & reverb, makes a perfect sound performance.
  • Range: Covers a decent distance up to 15m.
  • Remixing Mixer: Has an amazing remixing and sound processing function that makes it perfect for video/vlog recording, content creation, live streaming (like Facebook Live), online conferencing, and music mixing.
  • Multiple Functions: This wireless mic creates professional-grade phone call or meeting recording, noise reduction based on sound pickup, outstanding audio-text transcription for over 120 different languages. It has karaoke mode, teaching, speech, recording for fun, and more.
  • Voice changer / Reverb / Equalizer.
  • OTA Firmware Upgrade: The firmware can be upgraded via the app to keep it up to date.
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.0.
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 hours after getting a full charge.

Cons: If you wish to do Facebook or youtube live, you need another SmartMike+ as a receiver. 🙁

Wireless Bluetooth microphones are still not world-class and hundred percent perfect in the market in my opinion. You will face limitations at any level with any wireless microphone. We tried to give you the mics that have the minimum limitation and best value for the price at the same time. We have a list of the best condenser mics you can check. If you know something remarkable about any product on our list feel free to share in the comment section. Additionally, if you think any information here is wrong, please take it as a mistake and inform us!!! 🙂 🙂


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