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Studio Monitor Stands: Top 10 buying guide

Today we’re here with an exceedingly intriguing discussion on one of the major elements of a recording studio. It is none other than a studio monitor stand. There are several strategies to improve your home recording studio, but one of our preferences incorporates something that does not generate sound. Indeed, it is often little more than a structured lump of metal. We’re talking about studio monitor stands, which provide your speakers with a dedicated home. After all, it’s your studio monitors that link you to the music you’ve produced, so it’s only natural to show them some love.

What are the studio monitor stands?

Studio monitor stands are genuinely very rudimentary items. They work by rendering a raised platform for the monitor speakers to stand on. Their utility, on the other hand, greatly outweighs their ease. In addition to offering an authorized spot for your monitors to sit, they provide specific sound effectiveness. However, they provide a number of practical positive effects, making them one of the most beneficial investments one can make to improve your recording studio.

The merits of studio monitor stands include some of the following:

Firstly,  Flexibility Positioning. Monitor stands may be positioned anywhere in the studio space to determine the “sweet spot” location. Adjustable stands tend to make it simpler and more comfortable to select the optimal studio monitor placement. Moreover, it aids in the management of monitor speaker cables in a more orderly manner.

Secondly, it goes to Sound Optimization. A pair of stands may enhance as well as maximize the sound quality of the current studio monitors considerably. It will fix many severe audio difficulties, including sound distortion, speaker resonance, vibration, and other issues caused by improper speaker/monitor setup.

Thirdly, Diminish sound reflections and enhance sound quality. Setting the studio monitors/speakers near a flat area may contribute to some comb filtering troubles. Comb filtering alters the entire color of the sound by canceling out some frequencies and exaggerating others, resulting in an unsuitable sound for appropriate sound monitoring. So, therefore, by putting the monitors on stands, you will greatly reduce these issues.

And finally, it’s Modifiable Height. The ideal height for monitor installations varies according to the kind of speaker/monitor. The monitors have to be at least 120cm/47 inches off the floor to provide the best hearing experience. Furthermore, the tweeters must be positioned at ear level.

Factors to consider when buying studio monitor stands


1) Desk Stands vs. Floor Stands

The decision between choosing floor and desk stands comes down to practicality and the configuration of the studio. Floor stands are considered when there is no enough space. on the other hand, if there is insufficient room surrounding the workstation but there is sufficient space on the desk to place the monitors, you should consider desk stands. Of course, the distinction between floor stands and desk stands is self-evident. Floor stands are intended for use on the floor. They often take the form of metal poles that support and raise the speakers to the appropriate height. This kind of stand is often employed in public address systems due to its ability to retain speakers in a relatively high position.

The same technique is also utilized in a studio setting. Floor stands adjust the height of studio monitors to the appropriate level. They separate the speakers and avoid speaker vibrations from passing through reflecting surfaces such as the desk and floor. Nevertheless, floor stands often use a significant amount of floor area. Therefore, if you have a little space, floor stands aren’t very useful.

In contrast, desk stands are designed specially to isolate tiny monitor speakers on a tabletop or desk. These stands are small and may function as a speaker foundation. They often lack the flexibility of floor-mounted stands.

Desk stands are configured to accommodate smaller speakers. Despite their limitations, they are capable of isolating the desk from the speakers. As a result, this separation results in a more defined sound. However, one will need more desk space to accommodate desk stands. Additionally, the desk should be robust enough to handle the load of desk stands and monitors.

2) The Degree to Which the Monitor Stands offer stability

To determine the stability of a monitor stand, you must examine both the bottom and top bases of the stand. Tripod-style stands are typically compact and very sturdy. They are not, however, suitable for usage in small studios. Additionally, low-profile stands are stable. They have triangular bottoms, which make them suitable for usage in small areas.

Moreover, stands typically include leveling carpet spikes and rubber pads. They become more sturdy on both hard floors and carpeted surfaces as a result of this. Another significant benefit of utilizing supports is that they often have huge inner space. This inside chamber improves the monitors’ sound quality and durability.

3) Maneuverability

Studio monitors must be flexible while recording music. One will have to relocate, raise, or realign your speakers to achieve the optimum acoustical location. As a result, the studio monitor stands should be sufficiently flexible and movable to allow for easy repositioning.

Nonetheless, the speaker positions should be as symmetrical as feasible to ensure accurate audio reproduction. 

4) Height Adjustability

While standing or seated, you will undoubtedly use your monitors. As a result, your monitor stands should have a wide range of adjustments. Many monitor stands that do not change in height are built with the desk and chair in mind, while those that do are intended for people who like to listen from a bean bag or extra-low couch. The reason for this is because if you’re going to listen to monitors from such a low position, you’ll need a monitor stand that’s easily adjustable to that height, preferably one with a more flexible construction.

On the other hand, if you plan to place your stand behind other studio equipment, you will certainly need something with sufficient height to ensure that the monitors’ views are not blocked by the furniture. Any impediment in the monitors’ broadcast of sound will always affect the accuracy of the audio that comes out of them.

5) Weight capacity

Monitor stands are built to withstand the weight of large monitors. As a result, you should pay close attention to the weight capacity of the stands. You can not mount a monitor on a stand that is only capable of supporting a certain amount of weight. In this scenario, the support of the stand may collapse and tip over if the weight exceeds its ability to sustain. Additionally, while purchasing a monitor stand, you should consider possible occurrences such as earthquakes. Additionally, your option should be capable of keeping the monitors in place during an earthquake.

6) Alignment

Another thing to consider is the speaker placement. The good news is that the majority of modern speakers have bigger sweet spots. Thus, placing speakers like this is easy.

However, if you want to correct the angle and position the speakers, you need to select a studio monitor stand that is flexible enough to be tilted and positioned. It should be simple to tilt and modify in order to properly angle the speakers.

The rule is that the tweeters should be placed at ear level and both should be placed at the same distance from your ears. They naturally create an equilateral triangle in relation to your listening position in this manner.

Speakers often feature a sweet spot where the sound is completely clear and undistorted. The larger the studio speaker’s sweet spot, the better. The advantage of modern speakers is that their sweet spots are larger. As a result, positioning them inside the studio becomes simple.

However, if you are a careful person, you will undoubtedly want to set your monitors in the optimal location for your listening position. You want them to be positioned correctly in terms of angle and height. Thus, if you are purchasing monitor stands, you should pick one that is simple to tilt and change in height.

7) Wiring

Everything is formed twice: first in the mind, and then in the physical world. This implies that you should plan everything first in your head and later in practice. Similarly, when shopping for a studio monitor stand, you should consider how the wires will be routed. For instance, you may choose speaker stands that have an integrated cable management system.

The cabling system in your studio is essential to maintaining the studio’s cleanliness and safety. As a result, you need to carefully design your cabling system to ensure that your wires are properly routed. To assist you with the wiring procedure, you should choose speaker stands that have integrated cable management systems. Additionally, it is a good idea to have backup wires for future usage.

There is one sector in your studio where you can be wireless. That’s a microphone!! Check our wireless Bluetooth microphone review

8) Seclusion

Typically, speakers generate vibrations that may be transmitted to the desk or floor. As a consequence, frequency inconsistencies and undesired noise occur. Rubber materials are often utilized to absorb the speakers’ vibrations in order to avoid these unpleasant vibrations. These rubber materials are used to cushion the base of the speakers and eliminate unwanted noise.

Isolation is especially critical when utilizing desktop speakers since they are located close to solid items that may transmit vibrations and unwanted sounds. Therefore, while shopping for speaker supports, you should be certain that the stands you select have isolating or decoupling materials.

Here is the list of the top 10 studio monitor stands

Let’s check our list at a glance..

  1. Ultimate Support MS-100B– Black Stands
  2. Ultimate Support MS-90/45B MS Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand
  3. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand
  4. DRPRO SMS1BK Studio Monitor Stand
  5. Pangea Audio DS400 Speaker Stand
  6. Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 Floor Stand
  7. SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)
  8. Gator Speaker Stand GFW-SPK-2000
  9. Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands
  10. K&M 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

Ultimate Support MS-100B– Black stands

‘Ultimate Support’s MS-100B Series Studio Reference Monitor Stands’ provide unmatched strength and ingenuity for home, project, and professional usage. The MS-100 is a 38.5-inch height monitor stand with three internal channels on each side. Additionally, these monitor stands are available in pairs, making them an ideal and professional option for your studio requirements.

Ultimate Support MS-100B– Black stands full pic


Ultimate Support MS-100B MS Series

The tilt and angle of the studio monitors are adjusted with ease with this 5″ tall monitor stand.

The column is constructed of durable 6000-series aluminum.

There are contracts with a die-cast aluminum base and rubber feet that don’t wobble.

It has three internal cable and weight management channels.


Ultimate Support MS-100B– Black stands 3

Because it is constructed from the finest materials, the MS-100B MS Series meets both form and function requirements for studio monitor stands.

Additionally, each stand has a 75-pound weight limit, making it suitable for a broad variety of monitor speakers.

Further, the third channel is filled with sand or shot, providing critical stability and support for a monitor stand.

Two of the stands are utilized to arrange power cables and audio wiring. 


The Ultimate Support MS-100 is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

The top mount of the stand is a little hefty, making height adjustment a little more difficult.

Ultimate Support MS-90/45B MS Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand

The Ultimate Support MS-90/45B monitor stand from the MS Series is distinguished by its acoustic isolation and decoupling pads. Additionally, four non-disruptive sound decoupling pads aid in the stabilization of monitors of various sizes. Three channels for cable and weight control are included on these supports.

Ultimate Support MS-90 45B MS Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand

MS Series Professional Column studio monitor stands are constructed of the finest materials available. Due to the fact that they are supported by an award-winning design, these materials guarantee that form and fashion coexist. Additionally, bring the new MS-90 home and learn what you’ve been missing all this time.

Ultimate Support MS-90 45B MS Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand 2


It’s available in two sizes: 36″ and 45″

Weighs 14.5 lbs.

It measures 18 inches long, 6 inches wide and 46 inches high.


It is available in 36-inch and 45-inch heights.

Isolation and decoupling of sonic signals

It’s made from abrasion-resistant 6000-series aluminum.

Has Three interior cable routing pathways

It has Hollow stands for stabilizing with shot or sand.

Design of the Ultimate Support

Ultimate Support MS-90 45B MS Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand 3


Decoupling pads for stabilizing monitors of varying sizes.

Decoupling is done in four stages.

Power and audio cables are housed in separate compartments.

Additional stability is provided by the huge middle chamber, which may be used to fill the ballast of your choosing.

Aluminum shields are used to protect the wires from noise and interference.

Available in a variety of colors.


Limited Lifetime Warranty on Ultimate Support

It does not have an adjustable angle or tilt feature.

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

As implied by its name, the SANUS studio speaker stand is fully adjustable. It has a 13-inch height adjustment range, which enables you to effortlessly place your speakers at an optimum listening height.

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand


Adjustable height between 28″ and 38″ 

It supports satellite speakers up to 3.5 pounds.

The keyhole adapter, top plate, and L-shaped brackets are all included in the box.

A Column made of heavy-gauge steel with an integrated wire

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

It is ideal for use with home studios, satellite speakers, and bookshelf speakers.

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand 2


Extremely durable and reliable performance

Fits the majority of small speakers.

Adjustable from 26″ to 39″

This item comes complete with all required mounting and assembly hardware.

It is secured with carpet pins and has rubber feet for further durability.

The installation procedure is straightforward and takes a few minutes just.


Wire channel integrated


According to certain users, it is incompatible with a select few speakers.

While the performance is acceptable, it falls short of the standards set by the competition.

DRPRO SMS1BK Studio Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for a monitor base with a beautiful wood finish, the DRPRO SMS1BK Studio Monitor Stand is the finest option. This stand offers an excellent ear positioning level for a small studio speaker.

DRPRO SMS1BK Studio Monitor Stand


It measures 36.1 x 11.6 x 5.5 in

It weighs 35.3 pounds.



Stylish and sophisticated wood grain finish that enhances the appearance of your house or business studio.

A 36″ monitor stand with a near-field studio speaker positioned optimally for ear positioning.

For increased stability, carpet spikes and vinyl glides are used to level the carpet.

Steel pillars with a gasket


Elegant, sturdy, and space-saving

Eliminates interfering signals from resonant surfaces

Stability is increased by carpet spikes and vinyl glides.

Cable clamps provide for simple and orderly wire handling.

Specifically designed for studios with hard flooring.

Well-balanced with an internal compartment for sand or shots.


It is unstable.

Not recommended for carpeted flooring

Pangea Audio DS400 Speaker Stand

Pangea Audio’s innovative DS400 speaker stand utilizes robust support piers to offer a very stable and strong foundation for small monitors and other bookshelf-style speakers.

As is customary with these speakers, they provide maximum performance at an astonishingly cheap price. A stand that matches the DS400’s mix of quality and performance is almost difficult to find.

Pangea Audio DS400 Speaker Stand


All-steel heavy-duty speaker stand

Pangea Audio DS400 Speaker Stand2

Stability is ensured by four rectangular support piers.

6″ x 8.5″ steel speaker base top plate

Extra-tough 9.75″ x 12″ bottom plate with carpet-piercing spikes

Bolts with a large diameter for the base

Top rubberized pads provide speaker separation.

Compatible with a large variety of different types of speakers


Superior acoustic properties

Enhanced stability

The steel body enhances picture focus by minimizing mid-range coloring and tightens the bass.

Non-round steel piers are capable of carrying an incalculable amount of weight.

Support for all kinds of loudspeakers is unmatched.

Available at three different heights to suit your needs.

This stiff stand’s strength is increased with a 3mm-thick, 9.75″ by 12″ bottom plate.


The Pangea Audio DS400 speaker supports are not recommended for use on hardwood floors.

Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 Floor Stand

With the ProStand from Definitive Technology, you can adjust the height of your ProMonitor 600 and 800 speakers. This specific set of speaker supports has both rubber slides and spikes for use on hardwood floors and carpeted floors. The greatest thing is that you can easily place your speakers wherever in your house. The smooth all-metal design ensures that it remains stable and robust for heavy bass enthusiasts.

Definitive Technology ProStand 600 800 Floor Stand


Heavy-duty metal structure with high tensile strength.

Designed to put tweeters just over the listener’s sitting ear

Perfect imagery at the ProMonitor level

Sound staging that is dynamic

ProStand 600/800 has a concealed wire guide inside its tube for a more professional appearance.

It measures 2.9 x 10.5 x 33.3 in.


Speaker stand compatible with ProMonitor 600 and ProMonitor 800

Constructed entirely of steel

Additional top plate to support tiny loudspeakers with a 1/4-20 threaded bottom

It includes rubber slides for use on hardwood surfaces.

It comes with four spikes for carpeted flooring.

The hollow pillar conceals wire clutter and facilitates assembly.

Simple installation


Inadequate height

The company offers a limited lifetime guarantee to its customers.

SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)

The On-Stage SMS6000-P is a custom-built monitor stand for your project, house, or recording studio. It is ideal for placement in any location, even those with limited space requirements.

SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)


Design and cable management are both attractive.

It has a 90-pound weight capacity.

Construction using arc welding and steel

Metal triangular base with adjustable leveling spikes

Massive metal platform with rubberized and plush cushioning that absorbs vibration.

Platform size is 9-1/2 “square with a 1 mm thick non-slip mat.

Five locking height adjustment settings are available: 36′′, 40′′, 44′′, 48′′, and 54′′.


It is compact and capable of supporting up to 90 pounds.

The whole display is disassembled into three parts.

It has floor leveling spikes that are beneficial when dealing with an uneven floor surface.

It is height adjustable from 36 “to 54”.

Simple to build and operate

Strong and long-lasting


This On-Stage studio monitor stand is not suitable for extremely big monitors.

The merchandise is of mediocre quality.

Gator Speaker Stand GFW-SPK-2000

The Gator Speaker Stand GFW-SPK-2000 positions the speakers optimally—at head level. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum and is very robust, sturdy, and simple to assemble and transport.

Gator Speaker Stand GFW-SPK-2000


The aluminum speaker stand is lightweight and adjustable to a maximum height of 81 inches.

The detachable ref safety trim aids in the avoidance of trip risks.

48/51 inches is the minimum and maximum height.

A weight capacity of 60 lbs is sufficient to support the majority of PA speakers.

Tube with dual inner diameters of 35 mm and 38 mm


It is both strong and substantial, but yet very light.

Gator Speaker Stand GFW-SPK-20002

It is excellent for residential usage.

Rubberized knobs allow for easy adjustment.

Removable red safety indicators for locations with low lighting

Height may be changed simply from 48 “to 81”. They weigh just 6 pounds and are therefore very versatile stands.

A Warranty period of three years against manufacturing faults in materials and workmanship.

It is flexible and reasonably priced.


The warranty is limited to manufacturing faults and does not cover losses resulting from other causes.

This Gator Studio Monitor Stand performs admirably—but leans slightly.

Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

This Atlantic Adjustable Speak Stand provides a platform for speakers to be raised, allowing for more effective audio projection. They give flair to any room, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, den, or other areas.

Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands


It is constructed of steel tubes.

Spikes that leave no marks

Carbon fiber in black with a shiny black base

Two sets of speaker stands are included.

Accessible hole for wire management

It mounts with a 45-degree adjustable angle


Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

Simple assembly and long-lasting construction

Height adjustable from 27″ to 48″

There are no cords or cable management systems.

Exceptional durability

Durability and stability are provided by aluminum construction.

Extremely resilient and stable


Limited compatibility with speakers

Its performance is not very impressive. It works well with tiny speakers but is less effective with bigger ones.

This speaker stand’s base is not very stable.

The installation of speakers is a bit more involved.

K&M 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

The K&M 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand offers an appealing design and an extensive function set that will simplify your professional job. Additionally, these Heavy Duty Steel Speaker Stands are lightweight and ideal for mounting large speakers. Additionally, these speaker stands have an infinitely adjustable height adjustment through a hand crank and push-button system that prevents uncontrolled reverse sliding action.

K&M 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand


With a hand crank, you may change the height to any position.

Available with a locking screw for the push button method.

Base in the tripod form with zinc die-cast clamps

Extension tube with a diameter of 35mm and a steel body

Supported by tube legs with twin cross-braces.

Rod set with a two-piece folding style.


The 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker is constructed of heavy-duty steel and has a weight carrying capacity of up to 100 lbs.

A 35mm diameter tube with a manual height adjustment mechanism ranging from 4.54 to 7.15 feet.

Speakers or lighting trusses may be easily mounted and adjusted in height using the inbuilt M10 thread connector.

Zinc die-cast locking push-button mechanism for optimum stability and support.

The base’s wide surface area provides optimum support.

Professionals’ first choice on a global scale.


The 21300 Heavy Duty Speaker Stands are substantial in comparison to comparable items.

The company offers a limited lifetime guarantee to its customers.

A studio is a place where you should be hassle-free so that you can concentrate on your recordings. In order to stay away from all sorts of external problems, it’s essential to install every prop having great quality. Along with your finest studio monitors, computers, audio interfaces, microphones you really need a great stand for your studio monitor.


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